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The technological advancement that surrounds cryptocurrencies evolves rapidly; that is why the platforms day by day look for ways to be present within these emerging universes; which will become daily with the passage of time.

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Rappi is the largest and most important delivery platform in Latin America with a presence in nine countries; The proposal to include Bitcoin as a payment method stems from the delivery platform's alliance with Bitso and Bitpay .

This is how the platform has just announced a pilot program that it will launch in Mexico where it will allow users to connect their digital wallets and be able to purchase the products and services of the application by paying with cryptocurrencies. It is important to highlight that since this is a pilot test, there is a possibility that not all users still have access to this modality that is soon to be implemented.

The results of this test are expected to be successful so that soon more companies decide to join the world of cryptocurrencies. According to the company, this is the first step before the complete integration of cryptocurrencies into its platform: "It is a first approach that will allow us to learn and continue incorporating the crypto world into Rappi," said the company's president, Sebastián Mejía , in a statement launching the initiative.

Without a doubt, Rappi, a company founded in Colombia in 2015, has risen to the occasion; a company that arrived innovating with its concept, maintaining the need to be up-to-date as an important quality; implementing this new service, which continues to position it as one of the leading platforms within the delivery service.

It is to be expected that more platforms will gradually begin to implement these payment methods to acquire services; just as any user registering a credit or debit card would do. The cryptocurrency boom is imminent and the platforms are letting us know about it.

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