Michael Saylor: Trillions Coming To Bitcoin! 😳

We are excited to share with you some fascinating insights about the renowned figure in the cryptocurrency world, Michael Saylor. Brace yourselves, as we delve into his bold predictions and the potential trillions that he believes are heading towards Bitcoin! Strap in, as we take you on an enlightening journey into the mind of this visionary individual.


In this article, we will discuss our belief that Bitcoin’s price is set to skyrocket due to the influx of new capital into the crypto market. We trust the expertise of Michael Saylor, who has invested over 10,000 hours studying Bitcoin. We will dive into the three significant milestones that will open the door to trillions of dollars flowing into the Bitcoin market.

The Rise of Bitcoin: A Closer Look

As Bitcoin continues to gain popularity, it has become an attractive investment option for individuals and institutions alike. We believe that Bitcoin’s price will see a tremendous surge in the near future, and there are several reasons to support our stance.

  1. The Spot ETF – Dominating the Cycle

The first milestone we anticipate is the introduction of the spot exchange-traded fund (ETF). This development is expected to dominate the current market cycle and pave the way for massive adoption. With the introduction of a spot ETF, institutional investors and retail traders will have a more accessible and regulated way to enter the Bitcoin market, driving up demand and ultimately the price.

  1. Fair Value Accounting: Bitcoin as a Treasury Reserve Asset

The second milestone that will contribute to the rise of Bitcoin is the implementation of fair value accounting. This would enable Bitcoin to be considered a treasury reserve asset for mega corporations. With fair value accounting, companies will have a clearer framework to assess and include Bitcoin as part of their balance sheets. This recognition will further solidify Bitcoin’s position as a legitimate store of value, attracting more institutional investors and driving significant capital inflow into the crypto market.

  1. Banks’ Embrace and Bitcoin-Backed Securities

The third milestone we anticipate is the embrace of Bitcoin by major banks like Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan. As banks start recognizing the potential of cryptocurrencies, they are likely to become custodians of Bitcoin, further solidifying its appeal to the mainstream financial sector. This acceptance by banks will also lead to the creation of new financial products, such as Bitcoin-backed securities, offering investors additional avenues to invest in Bitcoin and drive its price higher.

The Next Wave of Adoption

While the advancements outlined above will undoubtedly contribute to Bitcoin’s rise, the next wave of adoption is expected to come from sovereign wealth funds. These funds are likely to take positions in Bitcoin through spot ETFs, enabling them to diversify their portfolios and potentially achieve significant returns. We have already witnessed nation states like El Salvador, Ukraine, Finland, and Georgia embracing Bitcoin as a store of value. Furthermore, the United States and China, two of the largest holders of Bitcoin, are gradually recognizing its potential.

Companies Shifting to Bitcoin

The shift towards Bitcoin is not limited to nation states and sovereign wealth funds. Even mega corporations like Apple could change their nature by accumulating assets in Bitcoin. As more companies recognize the long-term potential and stability of Bitcoin as a store of value, they might start allocating a portion of their assets to this cryptocurrency. Such moves by these corporations will have a profound impact on the overall market sentiment, attracting even more investors and increasing Bitcoin’s price.

Trillions Coming to Bitcoin: A Game-Changing Scenario

When we consider the collective potential of nation states, sovereign wealth funds, and mega corporations that are poised to invest in Bitcoin, we can anticipate a scenario where trillions of dollars will flow into the crypto market. This influx of capital will transform the crypto landscape and boost Bitcoin’s price significantly. It is essential to recognize the immense opportunities presented by these potential developments and position ourselves accordingly to benefit from this unprecedented capital influx.


In conclusion, we firmly believe that Bitcoin’s price is on the brink of a tremendous surge. The three milestones we have discussed, including the spot ETF, fair value accounting, and banks becoming custodians, are expected to drive significant capital into the Bitcoin market. The next wave of adoption is likely to come from sovereign wealth funds, and even companies like Apple may start accumulating Bitcoin assets. With trillions of dollars poised to enter the crypto market, Bitcoin’s rise seems inevitable.

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