Bitcoin ETF Approval Retracted!! SEC Hacked??

Bitcoin ETF Approval Retracted!! SEC Hacked??

I was shocked to hear the news: the approval for the Bitcoin ETF has been retracted! It seems like the SEC has been hacked. As an investor in the cryptocurrency market, this revelation has brought about uncertainty and concern. Join me as we delve deeper into this unexpected turn of events and explore the potential ramifications for the future of Bitcoin.


Hey there! I’m here to talk all about the recent buzz surrounding the approval and retraction of Bitcoin ETFs by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Strap in, because we have quite the rollercoaster ride to discuss today. From market manipulation concerns to questions about the SEC’s credibility, it’s been a wild ride for Bitcoin enthusiasts. So, let’s dive in and unravel the exciting twists and turns that have left us all scratching our heads.

SEC page tweeted Bitcoin ETFs approval, then deleted it after Gary Gensler’s tweet

Picture the scene: Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the world were rejoicing when the official SEC page tweeted about the approval of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). But just as quickly as the tweet went live, it disappeared from the SEC’s feed. Confusion and speculation ran rampant as people tried to make sense of this sudden turn of events. What could have prompted the SEC to backtrack on such a significant announcement?

Not a hack, as the tweet was an official one and quickly deleted

Now, before you start thinking that this was a malicious hack, let me assure you it wasn’t. The tweet in question came from the SEC’s verified Twitter account, leaving no room for doubt about its authenticity. Within moments, however, it vanished into thin air, leaving many scratching their heads in confusion. So, we can safely say that this incident was no external tampering but rather an internal matter.

Possibility of an intern mistakenly scheduling the tweet

Speculation has been rife about the possibility of a mishap, and one theory that has come to light is that an intern mistakenly scheduled the tweet. We’ve all been there, right? Accidentally hitting the wrong button or scheduling something at the wrong time? It’s a classic case of human error, and if this is the case, the intern in question must be feeling mighty sheepish right now. Let’s hope they haven’t been banished to the coffee runs for life!

SEC’s mistake raises questions about market manipulation and their credibility

But this incident raises a more critical question – one that strikes at the heart of market manipulation and the credibility of the SEC itself. If the SEC, the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the securities market, can make such a glaring error, what does it say about their ability to protect investors and maintain market integrity? It’s a valid concern that has left many investors worried about the safeguards put in place to ensure fair play.

Bitcoin price initially skyrocketed, then tanked after the tweet

Ah, the fickle nature of cryptocurrencies! Following the initial tweet, the price of Bitcoin experienced an astronomical rise. The news of SEC-approved ETFs sent ripples of excitement through the market, causing a surge in Bitcoin prices. But as quickly as the prices soared, they came crashing down. The retraction of the tweet created panic among investors who felt betrayed by this sudden turn of events. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market became all too apparent once again.

Uncertainty about SEC’s approval delay and possible motives behind it

The SEC’s about-face has left us all wondering about the delay in approving Bitcoin ETFs. Why the sudden change of heart? Some speculate that there may be ulterior motives at play, with whispers of vested interests manipulating the market for their own gain. This uncertainty only adds to the chaos and frustration felt by those eagerly awaiting SEC’s approval and the potential benefits it could bring to the market.

Market manipulation affects long positions and creates chaos

Market manipulation has the power to send shockwaves through the financial landscape, affecting both short-term and long-term investors. The recent incident involving the SEC’s tweet is a stark reminder of the havoc that can be wreaked on long positions. It highlights the need for improved safeguards to protect investors from market manipulation and ensure a fair playing field for everyone involved in the crypto market.

Congress may question Gary Gensler regarding the incident

The plot thickens! The incident has caught the attention of Congress, who might summon SEC Chairman Gary Gensler to shed light on the whole affair. Congress has a duty to oversee regulatory bodies, ensuring they act in the best interests of the public. The questions raised by this incident are certainly worth investigating, and it remains to be seen what Congress will uncover.

Concerns about the delay and its impact on the approval timeline

Investors who were anxiously waiting for the approval of Bitcoin ETFs have been left in limbo. The delay caused by the SEC’s tweet and subsequent retraction has created further uncertainty about the approval timeline. Will it be delayed further? What impact will this delay have on the market? These concerns weigh heavily on those who are counting on Bitcoin ETFs to provide them with new investment opportunities.

Further discussion on the topic to be held at 8:30 PM Central Standard Time

For those hungry for more information and eager to participate in the ongoing conversation, mark your calendars! Further discussions on the Bitcoin ETF approval retraction incident will be held at 8:30 PM Central Standard Time. Experts, market enthusiasts, and curious onlookers alike will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the implications and potential ramifications of this incident.


In conclusion, the approval and retraction of Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC have sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency market. The incident has not only raised questions about market manipulation and the credibility of the SEC but has also left investors in a state of confusion and uncertainty. As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will shape the future of Bitcoin ETFs and the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies.


  1. Q: Was the SEC tweet about Bitcoin ETF approval a mistake?
    A: It appears that the tweet was indeed a mistake, likely due to an intern mistakenly scheduling it.

  2. Q: Did the Bitcoin price initially rise after the tweet?
    A: Yes, the news of SEC-approved Bitcoin ETFs caused a surge in Bitcoin prices.

  3. Q: Are there concerns about market manipulation in this incident?
    A: Absolutely, market manipulation concerns have been raised, highlighting the need for improved safeguards.

  4. Q: Will Congress question Gary Gensler regarding the incident?
    A: It is possible that Congress may summon SEC Chairman Gary Gensler for questioning.

  5. Q: What impact has the SEC’s delay had on the approval timeline?
    A: The delay has created uncertainty and raised concerns about the approval timeline for Bitcoin ETFs.

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