This Hearing Is Crazy!! They Plan To Censor The Truth With AI!

This Hearing Is Crazy!! They Plan To Censor The Truth With AI!

I can’t believe it – this hearing is absolutely crazy! They want to use AI to censor the truth. Join me as I uncover the details and implications of this alarming development.


Hey there! I’m here to spill the beans on a mind-blowing hearing that shook me to the core. No kidding, folks, what I uncovered about the Subcommittee on The Weaponization Of The Federal Government hearings left me reeling! Picture this: a group of power players discussing AI-powered censorship tools—funded by governments, no less. Buckle up, ’cause I’m about to take you on a wild ride through the eye-opening revelations that went down at this jaw-dropping event.

What Went Down at the Hearing

Let me break it down for you: Caitlyn Richardson and a trio of other heavyweights took the stand to spill the tea on online censorship. Can you imagine the intensity in that room? Testifiers like Greg Lukianov, Lee Fang, and Norman Eisen had jaws dropping with their eye-opening insights.

  • Caitlyn Richardson dropped truth bombs like nobody’s business.
  • Greg Lukianov had us hanging on his every word.
  • Lee Fang shook the room with his revelations.
  • Norman Eisen left us all questioning everything we thought we knew.

Governments’ Censorship Agenda

Here’s the kicker: governments worldwide are cooking up schemes to develop tools for online censorship and propaganda that’ll make your head spin. Imagine this: censorship evolving—yes, evolving—with generative AI. And guess who’s in the crosshairs? Minorities and rural populations, that’s who. The chills, right?

  • Watch out, folks! Governments are gunning for minorities and rural areas.
  • The evolution of censorship with generative AI is something to keep an eye on.

Coordination Between Big Tech and Governments

Hold onto your seats ’cause it gets even juicier! The powers that be are getting cozy with big tech to coordinate their efforts in the censorship game. Proactive censorship? Yep, that was on the agenda too. But here’s the catch: all these tools of oppression pose grave threats to our freedom of speech and access to information. Scary stuff, isn’t it?

  • Governments and big tech are teaming up for censorship—yikes!
  • Proactive censorship is a chilling reality we can’t ignore.


Phew! What a rollercoaster ride that was, right? The revelations from the Subcommittee on The Weaponization Of The Federal Government hearings have left me reeling. It’s crystal clear that the sneaky agenda of governments and big tech in the realm of AI-powered censorship spells trouble for our fundamental rights. Stay woke, my friends, ’cause the fight for truth and freedom has never been more critical.


  1. Can governments really use AI for online censorship?
  2. How do online censorship efforts target minorities and rural populations?
  3. What are the risks of governments collaborating with big tech on censorship tools?
  4. Why is proactive censorship such a concerning development?
  5. How can we safeguard our freedom of speech and information in the face of AI-powered censorship?

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