Why Bitcoin Dumped Again…

Why Bitcoin Dumped Again...

I was intrigued to delve into the recent downtrend of Bitcoin and explore the factors behind its latest price drop. Join me as I unravel the reasons behind why Bitcoin dumped again in this insightful blog post.

Why Bitcoin Dumped Again…


Hey there, folks! Today, I thought I’d sit down and chat about the recent rollercoaster ride in the world of Bitcoin. As many of you know, I accidentally deleted the video discussing this very topic, so here I am, re-uploading it for your viewing pleasure. Let’s dive in and unravel the mysteries behind this latest Bitcoin dip frenzy.

Three Reasons for the Recent Bitcoin Dip

  1. Market Manipulation: It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is susceptible to big players making waves. Grayscale, for instance, recently raised eyebrows by selling a whopping $135 million worth of Bitcoin, sending shockwaves through the market.

  2. Geopolitical Tensions: The geopolitical landscape is as volatile as ever, with tensions flaring between Iran, Israel, and the US. Such global uncertainties often have a ripple effect on Bitcoin prices, causing fluctuations that keep traders on their toes.

  3. Market Volatility: In recent weeks, Bitcoin has been riding the rollercoaster, swinging wildly between $63,000 and $70,000. Such volatility can trigger panic selling and further contribute to the downward pressure on prices.

Why I’m Still Bullish

Despite the recent dip, my bullish narrative on Bitcoin remains unshaken. Why, you ask? Well, I believe that the upcoming halving event is still a strong bullish indicator that could propel Bitcoin to new heights in the near future.

My Dubai Adventure

On a lighter note, I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be jetting off to Dubai for the Token 2049 conference. However, before my exciting journey, I had a rather unpleasant encounter with Air France. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to exploring the vibrant city of Dubai and immersing myself in the latest trends and innovations in the crypto space.

Tax-Free Pro Tip for Travelers

For those of you planning your next travel escapade, here’s a tax-free pro tip from my recent experience – shopping at luxury stores in the Paris airport before your flight. Not only does it kill time but also allows you to indulge in some guilt-free retail therapy while saving a few bucks.


In conclusion, the recent Bitcoin dip may have sent ripples of uncertainty through the market, but my faith in the long-term potential of Bitcoin remains unwavering. With market dynamics constantly evolving and global tensions simmering, it’s essential to stay informed, stay bullish, and ride out the storms with a steady hand.


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