Will ETFs also arrive on Ethereum? What the experts say

With the approval of spot ETFs on Bitcoin, which effectively revolutionizes the cryptocurrency market, attention now shifts to Ethereum which seems destined to follow in the footsteps of its major counterpart. Here are the scenarios according to experts.

ETF on Ethereum, the prospects

The world of cryptocurrencies is in turmoil due to the approval of spot ETFs on Bitcoin, which according to PlanB will reach a value of $532,000 by 2025.

According to Eric Balchunas, a renowned ETF expert, the probability that these will also be approved on Ethereum is around 70%. A not bad figure that could explain the initial positive impact on the price trend of Ethereum after the SEC’s announcement. While Bitcoin has shown an increase of 9% in the last few hours, Ethereum seems to have reacted more vigorously and this could be a sign of market enthusiasm regarding possible future ETFs.

The crucial date to keep an eye on is May 23rd, when the first useful deadline for ETFs also on Ethereum is expected. General optimism in the cryptocurrency market suggests that the bear market is officially over, with large investment funds ready to inject significant capital into the sector through new financial instruments.

Chart trends and the situation of Bitcoin

Contrary to expectations of a significant price movement immediately after the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, the trend of the latter remained relatively stable in the first hours, remaining in the range between $44,500 and $47,000. This could also be due to the significant increase that occurred before the approval of spot ETFs, which had brought the value of Bitcoin to $47,000.

However, after the actual start of trading on ETFs, with trades exceeding $2 billion in a few minutes, Bitcoin recorded a new increase, approaching $49,000 and projecting towards $50,000.

In contrast, Ethereum began its rally early by reaching $2,600. The enthusiasm around the possibility of seeing ETFs also on Ethereum could be one of the main reasons for this increase, with the cryptocurrency having benefited from the future prospects and statements of industry experts.

Predictions and expectations for the crypto market

The positive outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum suggests that the market is entering a growth phase, fueled by ETF approvals and growing interest from institutional investors. According to estimates from important financial institutions, such as Chartered Bank, BlackRock, VanEck and Microstrategy, the entry of large amounts of capital into the cryptocurrency sector is expected, with forecasts ranging between 40 and 100 billion dollars in the next four years.

A general optimism that makes experts smile and which now places renewed attention on the cryptocurrency world, especially due to ETFs. There has been an increase in the value of the major securities but it has not skyrocketed, and this can benefit small investors interested in this world.

The next few months will be able to indicate with more certainty what the market trend will be and whether this will be stable in a context in which there has always been very little stable.

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